"The blessing of health is the well being of others" © 2020 by Mark Bryant

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Mark’s Bio


Mark Bryant practices what he preaches. He has overcome many obstacles in his life ranging from an abusive environment in his childhood in New York City to the physical impairment of a hip that required surgical replacement. Mark’s surgeon was amazed that five months after major surgery he was able to compete in the USAPL Championship meet and, in fact, became the Washington State Powerlifting Record Holder. He’s also Four-Time Powerlifting World Champion, he’s in the AAU Powerlifting Hall of Fame, and he’s a National Powerlifting Judge. Mark has always taken opportunities for self improvement through participating in transformational leadership programs and seeking input from professionals in other fields. He has brought all these experiences to bear on the work he does to make fitness available to others. Over the years, he has worked with dozens of men and women of all ages and skill levels, including those with physical limitations. Mark went to Renton Technical College and was trained as a health and fitness technologist. He’s a National Certified Fitness Professional, Physical Therapist Aide, and he is Certified in Advanced Nutrition. Mark has done rehabilitative work with clients, using knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Because of his commitment to helping his clients reach their fitness goals, he created the ExFlexFitness Plan and he is the author of his first health and fitness book called REAL MUSCLE. His program teaches both advanced lifters and beginners to use proper form and technique while flexing specific muscle groups to achieve better results. Mark also designs fitness programs to meet client’s needs. Mark appeared on Northwest Cable News, King 5 News, Q13 Fox News, The Seattle Channel, Cable 21, and 1150 AM KKNW Radio. He has been publicized in The Seattle Times News, The Medium News, Filipino American Herald News, Beacon Hill News, Queen Ann & Magnolia News, South Seattle Beacon News, City Living News, The Facts News, and The NW Prime Time News, and Artistic Platforms Magazine. Mark also writes Senior Fitness Tips for the NW Prime Time News Paper. He is also an extra for movies and commercials. Mark played in a Japanese American Film and was given a principal role (lead role). He also appeared in a PGA Tour Commercial. Mark’s been working at Columbia City Fitness Center for twelve years as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor teaching ab and stretching classes. 






About Mark Bryant:

"Five months after my hip replacement, I did a power-meet competition, " Bryant said. "I did it to show people not to become a powerlifter but to not give up on themselves. That was my statement up on stage. " Bryant placed first at the competition and currently holds the state record for his weight class for pulling 405 pounds. Having achieved such prominence, Bryant uses his experience to set an example of how much someone can achieve if they never quit.

Bryant underwent the hip replacement surgery on April 17, 2008. During the operation, doctors

first removed a section of his thigh muscle, then proceeded to replace his entire pelvis bone with

an artificial structure made from titanium rods. The competition was held on October 18, 2008.



E-Mail: markbryant505@gmail.com

Work: (206) 722-0317 ext 104

Mobile: (206) 455-4900