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Mark Bryant
Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) 
NASM Certified Professional \ National Academy of Sports Medicine

Welcome to my Corrective Exercise Fitness Program

Corrective exercise is the study of human movement patterns and the application of exercises to address overactive and underachieve muscle groups and the compensation that may happen during movement when your body is out of alignment.

Mark Bryant is a board-certified Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He has studied biomechanics, as well as anatomy and physiology for over a decade. Mark has been a certified personal trainer for 25 years, and a certified senior fitness specialist for over 15 years. He has committed himself to continuing education and remaining current with best practices in the fitness industry through fitness workshops and coursework, seminars, and practical application through consistent work with clients.




NASM-CES (2021)

Corrective Exercise Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine 


NASM-SFS (2021)

Senior Fitness Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine


NASM-SFC (2021)

Stretching and Flexibility Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine 


ISSA-CES (2021)

Corrective Exercise Specialist

International Sports Sciences Association  


ACE-CES (2019)

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Biomechanics Method

American Council on Exercise 


ACE-SFS (2018)

Senior Fitness Specialist 

American Council on Exercise  

Corrective Exercise Continuum


Inhibit tension in areas identified as being overactive or shortened through assessments. Self-Myofascial Techniques.

Lengthen the muscles with static stretching or neuromuscular Stretching techniques. Stretching Techniques.

Activate the muscles identified as underactive or weak. Strengthening Techniques

Integrate uses movements with light weights and progress to coordinated moves. Integrated Strength Techniques.


Here are some corrective Exercise tools to help with muscle imbalances and misalignment. These tools are used to inhibit, lengthen, activate, and integrate.

About Mark Bryant:

"Five months after my hip replacement, I did a power-meet competition, " Bryant said. "I did it to show people not to become a powerlifter but to not give up on themselves. That was my statement up on stage. " Bryant placed first at the competition and currently holds the state record for his weight class for pulling 405 pounds. Having achieved such prominence, Bryant uses his experience to set an example of how much someone can achieve if they never quit.

Bryant underwent the hip replacement surgery on April 17, 2008. During the operation, doctors

first removed a section of his thigh muscle, then proceeded to replace his entire pelvis bone with

an artificial structure made from titanium rods. The competition was held on October 18, 2008.




Work: (206) 722-0317 ext 104

Mobile: (206) 455-4900





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