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​“Mark taught me to respect the fundamentals of technique, and gave me great mental motivation to focus on strength and flexibility, not just size, that I still use today. My body, and what I put into it changed for good during our training sessions.”


We have trained with Mark Bryant both together and individually for over 8 years. In that time, we have both become much stronger, with more flexibility and energy. Mark is a very dedicated professional, who knows how to safely and effectively train people of all ages, He is strict in demanding correct form, but he is also very patient and tremendously encouraging to his trainees/students. We would highly recommend Mark to anyone serious about their physical wellbeing.


I have been working out in various health clubs for over 25 years. In that time, I have observed dozens of “personal trainers”. Mark is by far the best I’ve ever seen, and possibly the only one I would work with and recommend to others. The reasons for my strong feelings for Mark include: His depth of knowledge of human physiology: how and why the muscles work the way they do. His commitment to results! He pays absolute attention to the details that make a training regimen successful. His communication skills, which enable him to work with just about anyone, explain the objectives rationale for a workout, and also to make it fun! I have observed and worked with Mark for over 12 years, and in my opinion, he is the best!


I began training with Mark Bryant when I was in my late forties. Before working with Mark I had been a member of the gym for years and would workout with the trainers on staff at the gym. I never achieved my goals nor did I seem to make any progress. So, when I began working with Mark, I was more than a little skeptical that I would make progress. It bears mentioning that I was quite a challenge for a trainer because I had undergone several surgeries; one of which required my shoulder muscle to be cut. I had so little strength in my right arm as a result of so many surgeries I couldn’t scoop ice cream or hold a pot of coffee. I had a herniated disk in my back which added another challenge. After working with Mark I could not only scoop ice cream and hold a full pot of coffee, I was able to bench press! I’m now a grandma in my sixties and consider the quality of my life positively changed because of my continued work with Mark. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and he challenged and encouraged me to greater fitness levels and a much better quality of life.​

​Until I was 53 years old, I used to say, “Every time the urge to exercise hit me, I would lie down until the urge passed.” I did not exercise for over 30 years. When I started working with Mark Bryant, I was leg pressing 45 pounds and bench pressing 65 pounds. I was 255 pounds, and 6 foot tall. I huffed walking out of the elevator, not even talking about the difficulty of walking up stairs. I used to marvel at the young guys in their thirties who were leg pressing 270 pounds and benching 135 pounds. In fact, I was so embarrassed by how little weight I was doing, I would sometimes do my lifting, and then add weight to make it seem that I had actually done heavier lifting. By the time I was in my late fifties, I was leg pressing 540 pounds and bench pressing 205 pounds. Most of the young guys in the gym looked at me and marveled at what I was doing. During that time I progressed and Mark kept control of the program to assure that I did not injure myself.




​“Mark is a great personal trainer who really knows how to motivate just about anyone to do their best to get into better condition than they ever thought was possible. And he makes it fun, which is why it works!”


​“I am a long time fan of Mark Bryant. He is the best trainer on this planet!”

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