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Leaders of our community:


Mark Bryant

Bruce Harrell

Richard McIver

Bobby Forch

Joe Mallahan

Allen Schauffler

Mayor Nickels

Mayor McGinn

Larry Gossett

Lynda Greene

Deputy Mayor-Darryl Smith

Ed Murry



Mark's Fitness Awards:


Mark Bryant has worked for the Southeast Seattle Senior Center for over eight years now, and during that time he has won many awards for the EnhanceFitness Program which he still teaches today. He's been in many news papers and has appeared several times on television as well. He's a nationally Recognized Fitness Expert and the author of his first health and fitness book called: REAL MUSCLE.


Washington State  Powerlifting Titles:

Mark's a Former WABDL World Champion Deadlifter, (2000) Former Washington State Record Holder, Deadlift (1998) Former Three-time Washington State Deadlift Champion, (1998) Washington State AAU Deadlift Champion, (1998) USAPL Four-Time Washington State Raw Record Holder, (2010) USAPL Masters Washington State Raw Record Holder, Powerlifting (2011) USAPL Washington State Powerlifting Champion (2012)

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